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  1. Since the election, the Bolsa has risen and fallen sluggishly.
  2. Everything moved sluggishly in the harbor, even the sea gulls.
  3. The Bruins started sluggishly and trailed 10-6 at halftime.
  4. But Mideast nations like Egypt are moving sluggishly into that future.
  5. The new movie moves sluggishly, as directed by Stuart Burge.
  6. But the software ran sluggishly on the early machines and was costly.
  7. St . John's played sluggishly and shot poorly.
  8. Homer bristled at the suggestion that Netscape has moved sluggishly.
  9. Word 98 works sluggishly on anything other than the fastest Power Mac.
  10. The latest version runs sluggishly on anything but Power Macs.
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