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  1. Now the Reds'slugging left fielder is a golfing fanatic.
  2. Tyson obliged, and the fight degenerated into a slugging match.
  3. It has everything to do with becoming an overnight slugging sensation.
  4. Gonzalez tormented the Yanks with a 1.375 slugging percentage.
  5. I wanted her to start slugging three or four months ago,
  6. He also led the league with a . 720 slugging percentage.
  7. He beamed whenever Sosa, his slugging sidekick, was around.
  8. There also will be a centerfold of Sosa slugging a baseball.
  9. If they start slugging with me, I want to retaliate,
  10. Whereupon Agassi enveloped him in a slugging feast that seemed endless.
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