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  1. With her chiseled cheekbones, retrousse nose and wide, pointy grin, the bone-thin actress calls to mind Kay Kendall, the British comedian.
  2. On the other hand she does bring us Urania Ristow, an haute weekender who, we are told, " is built like a dainty, finely proportioned flower _ a freesia, say, " and who displays " a marvel of a nose that is straight, but with the suggestion of being fractionally retrousse ."
  3. But other agencies enlisted, among them the powerhouse IMG, which committed Jessica Stam, a pouty Canadian with wolf-pale eyes and a retrousse nose who has been a particular favorite of the photographer Steven Meisel and Italian Vogue . " The agents always ask what your lineup is going to be, " explained Daniel Peddle, a casting director who assembled the models for Chai's runway . " Once you have some IMG girls onboard, you can go to other agencies and get them to let you use girls of that caliber ."

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