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  1. Symptoms include dyspnea, retrosternal pain, hoarseness, stridor, lachrymation, cough, expectoration, and in some cases haemoptysis.
  2. A CT scan or an MRI scan is more sensitive in displaying the thrombus of the intra-thoracic retrosternal veins, but are rarely needed.
  3. For example, a patient presents with retrosternal pain which is not relieved by sublingual nitrates ( a standard remedy for angina pectoris ) but is relieved with antacids ( a standard remedy for heartburn ).
  4. The word " " angina " " comes from the Greek word ????? " ank?�n ", meaning " strangling ", so in this case, Ludwig's angina refers to the feeling of strangling, not the feeling of chest pain, though there may be chest pain in Ludwig's angina if the infection spreads into the retrosternal space.
  5. During this outbreak, Dr . Ngoy Mushola recorded the first clinical description of EVD in Yambuku, where he wrote the following in his daily log : " The illness is characterized with a high temperature of about, hematemesis, diarrhea with blood, retrosternal abdominal pain, prostration with'heavy'articulations, and rapid evolution death after a mean of 3 days ."

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