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  1. She then decides to change redecoration plans to prepare for funeral services.
  2. This is the second external redecoration since the building's erection.
  3. It was renovated as part of the major redecoration scheme in 1890.
  4. In 1997 a lottery-funded refurbishment allowed for extensive rewiring and redecoration.
  5. In 1997, the school underwent repairs and redecoration.
  6. The new dimension to the room necessitated a complete redecoration of the room.
  7. Much new seating was fitted, with extensive redecoration.
  8. The London Brompton Oratory : Repairs and redecoration and completion of unfinished elements.
  9. The park underwent renovations and redecoration for the dedication.
  10. Trump said it expects to complete a redecoration of the Castle by May 1997.
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