redecorate sentence in Hindi

"redecorate" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Besides, the blue room is being redecorated at the moment.
  2. She redecorated the kitchen by covering the counters with contact paper.
  3. These the owners had redecorated, but basically left structurally untouched.
  4. What hasn't been repaved or reconstructed will be redecorated.
  5. It needed a lot of work but my wife redecorated it.
  6. They won't add on, they'll redecorate.
  7. For a change of pace, Lawler periodically redecorates her salon.
  8. But projects such as redecorating the house weren't enough.
  9. They also plan to redecorate the arena with comic strip characters.
  10. She mentions how pale the place is and talks about redecorating.
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