reddening sentence in Hindi

"reddening" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Gephardt said, his face reddening with emotion as he spoke.
  2. Pain is often described as a burning sensation accompanied by reddening.
  3. Gaskin, now 52, recalled, his face reddening.
  4. Guys drown in the too-deep, reddening water.
  5. Lewis said, tears flowing from her eyes, her face reddening.
  6. In most cases it is only a temporary reddening of the skin.
  7. He slumps in agony and shock, his face reddening.
  8. Reddening / browning of major leaf veins accompanies the lesions.
  9. Mrs . Miyagi watched the soldier float face down in the reddening sea.
  10. Clark shot back, his flushed face reddening deeper.
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