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  1. From this condition also the polaron cyclotron mass can be derived.
  2. You'd like purely NRHP articles, Polaron favors integration.
  3. Perhaps a new, larger edit restriction on Polaron is needed.
  4. Polaron also makes related edits in articles making unsourced assertions.
  5. I think Polaron and NE2 make very good points regarding the history section.
  6. Each one of those is one that Polaron moved.
  7. The physical properties of a polaron differ from those of a band-carrier.
  8. Polaron has been active in Wikipedia since 2005.
  9. I do not understand why repeated issues like this with Polaron are not addressed.
  10. The DAB page is serving as a place for Polaron to make the unsupported assertion.
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