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  1. By the turn, Stevens moved Silver Charm outside the pacesetters.
  2. The favorite finished 1 lengths in front of pacesetter Six Below.
  3. Beard was the pacesetter, no matter what the times say.
  4. Hall of Famer Margaret Smith Court is the pacesetter with 24.
  5. He is a boorish, screw-you pacesetter for cravings.
  6. The newspaper also won a Pacesetter award from JACC in 1999.
  7. "The Foundry Conference has been a pacesetter on many occasions.
  8. The Pacesetter battalion redeployed with the 4th Infantry Division to Ft.
  9. The deliveries included six Pacesetter type units and eight GVA designs.
  10. And he has been a crafty deal maker and pacesetter.
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