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  1. Jackknife chelicera presents two different forms : orthognathous and labidognathous.
  2. Orthognathous chelicerae are articulated in a manner that enables movements of the appendages parallel to the body axis.
  3. The skull is orthognathous, orbits are unfenestrated, balls are inflated ventrally, and a large sinus found above the nasal.
  4. Typical Hamitic physical traits included narrow facial features; an orthognathous visage; light brown to dark brown skin tone; wavy, curly or straight hair; thick to thin lips without eversion; and a dolichocephalic to mesocephalic cranial index.
  5. Derived features separating it from earlier non-" Homo " species include reduced sexual dimorphism, a smaller, more orthognathous ( less protrusive ) face, a smaller dental arcade, and a larger cranial capacity ( that is, 700 900 cm?in earlier " H . ergaster "-specimens, and 900 1100 in later specimens ).

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