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  1. Moreover, they rejected directional change ( i . e . orthogenetic, teleological or progressive change ).
  2. Karl Beurlen invented the term " palingenesis " as a mechanism for his orthogenetic theory of evolution.
  3. Hoyle's argument is a mainstay of creationist, intelligent design, orthogenetic and other criticisms of evolution.
  4. He also invented the term " palingenesis " as a mechanism for his orthogenetic theory of evolution.
  5. "' Heinz Werner's orthogenetic principle "'is a foundation for current theories of developmental psychology and developmental psychopathology.
  6. In the first few decades of the 20th century, most field naturalists continued to believe that Lamarckian and orthogenetic mechanisms of evolution provided the best explanation for the complexity they observed in the living world.
  7. Eimer's later work, translated as " On Orthogenesis ", was a more rigidly orthogenetic text, whereas " Organic Evolution " maintained a plurality of mechanisms for species formation.
  8. These examples have sometimes been referred to as " orthoselection " but are not strictly orthogenetic, and simply appear as linear and constant changes because of environmental and molecular constraints on the direction of change.
  9. The braincase anatomy was recently redescribed and " Youngina " shows a mosaic of features found in more primitive diapsids and more derived taxa such as archosauromorphs and lepidosauromorphs suggesting a non-orthogenetic evolution of these characters.
  10. They also thought orthogenetic trends were not adaptive; in fact they felt that in some cases they led to developments that were detrimental to the organism, such as the large antlers of the Irish elk that they believed led to the animal's extinction.
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