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  1. "Origanum syriacum " grows to a height of 1 meter.
  2. A scene in the Dry Garden at Lambley featuring Yuccas, Verbascum, Origanum and Salvia sclarea
  3. The larvae mainly feed on " Origanum vulgare ", but occasionally also on other herbs.
  4. 174 botanical specimens he collected including " Origanum vulgare " are held in the Wisbech and Fenland Museum.
  5. That one, usually but not always called Turkish or Greek oregano, is the white flowering Origanum vulgare ssp . hirtum.
  6. The larvae are polyphagous and have been recorded feeding on various low-growing plants, including " Origanum " species.
  7. However, in English, hyssop generally refers to a different plant . " Origanum syriacum " is native to the Middle East.
  8. Plants in the genus Origanum go by the common names sweet marjoram, wild marjoram, pot marjoram and dittany of Crete as well as oregano.
  9. I've also fallen for an ornamental oregano, Origanum Herrenhausen, with clusters of purplish pink flowers that bloom from July to the first frost.
  10. Adults are active during the night and day and feed on flower nectar of " Origanum vulgare " and " Molinia " species.
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