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  1. Use aluminum foil to keep water from getting inside gas orifices.
  2. But there's more to it than a gargantuan orifice.
  3. Crayfish relieving themselves from an unlikely orifice is one such postulation.
  4. On its first attempt, a clogged igniter orifice prevented ignition.
  5. L?Meng collapsed and died, bleeding from seven body orifices.
  6. Constant mass flow is achieved by sonic flow through an orifice.
  7. It is essentially the part right before the external urethral orifice.
  8. The ureteric orifice appears normal and a ureteric catheter passes easily.
  9. The airbrakes became stuck open due to hailstones blocking the orifices.
  10. Victims ultimately bleed to death through body orifices, including the eyes.
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