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  1. Orifices and venturi are reported to be widely used for generating cavitation.
  2. The orifice itself is smaller than that of the parotid.
  3. The mechanism was presumably a chemically induced plugging of the pilosebaceous orifice.
  4. The genital orifice is somewhat distant from the right tentacle.
  5. The zooidal orifice has a narrow V-shaped sinus.
  6. They have open orifices, which cannot be destroyed by high energies.
  7. The circular orifice exit has a diameter smaller than the swirl chamber.
  8. Compensated flowmeters work with a variable orifice and fixed pressure.
  9. Blood began oozing from every orifice in his body.
  10. Baseball is a calvalcade of earthy, hand-to-orifice action.
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