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  1. In Bangladesh, I know that many steps have been taken to stop the use of child labor in certain manufacturings.
  2. Earnings expected : GEC Alsthom India Ltd ., Pam & AMP; Frank International Holdings Ltd ., Swank International Manufacturings Co ., Clariant India Ltd ., Great Eastern Shipping Co ., Tata Iron and Steel Co ., Escorts Ltd ., Daiwa Securities Co ., Nomura Securities Co ., The Nikko Securities Co ., Yamaichi Securities Co . Friday, Oct . 24
  3. Its industries included manufacturings of cottons, woolens, silks, paper, felt hats, baking powder, soap, paper boxes, brick, plush goods, steam boilers, tools, automobiles, coin silver, bleach, candles, waterway gates, ice machines, pumps, moving-picture screens, overalls, perfumes, furniture, carpets, carburetors, spiral springs, spiral pipe, shirt waists, shirts, felt goods, lawn mowers; shipyards; foundries and machine shops; tanneries; leatherette works; plaster works.

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