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  1. Dr . Kedar sees this and understands about Gita and Mohan.
  2. Music for the film is composed by Kedar Upadhyay Bhargav Purohit.
  3. Kedar acknowledged that a decision in favor of Kaadan would be unpopular.
  4. Kedar Subedi, an official of the center told The Associated Press.
  5. Dror Adani served his prison term in the Beersheba prison Ohale Kedar.
  6. Kedar is an academic expert on the Israeli Arab population.
  7. Kedar Shinde knew no other actors on the sets except for Sharman.
  8. Glass formed relationships with independent record labels as Kedar Entertainment and Mojo Records.
  9. He also learned African music from musicologist Kedar Avati.
  10. Princess Swarnamoyee was the daughter of Kedar Roy, a king of Bikrampur.
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