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  1. Some spiritual journeyers find their way to very traditional faiths.
  2. The player characters are such journeyers.
  3. Advogato assigns journeyer and master ranks to those committing to work only or mostly on free software.
  4. The journeyers traveled throughout China visiting close to 200 places described by Polo, including Yunnan and Tibet.
  5. In the Mountains of Ignorance, the journeyers contend with demons like the Terrible Trivium and the Gelatinous Giant.
  6. His sense of these elements is complex but deeply satisfying . ( Check the melody in " The Journeyers to the East . " )"
  7. Thundercracker juggles this with talking to Optimus Prime over his comm, and also his continued efforts to write his " Susan Journeyer " screenplay, which he is starting to find harder and harder.
  8. In 1836 his court ruled in " Commonwealth v . Aves " that a slave brought voluntarily into Massachusetts, a free state, was a " sojourner, " or a journeyer, and not taking domicile in that state.
  9. She finds her way into the very soul of a melody, as in Schubert's " Ruckblick, " when the distraught winter-journeyer remembers the eyes of his beloved, and the music turns heartbreakingly from the minor mode to the major.
  10. The victory has led Thundercracker to a personal revelation : he has lost the ability to write about Susan Journeyer because he doesn't truly understand her as a character, having always been a " seeker " of targets, never " seeking " for himself.
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