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  1. And you know how hotheaded and heedless new money can be.
  2. The press critiques on him _ " hotheaded,"
  3. In the hotheaded antebellum years, the Society could become raucous.
  4. These hotheaded young men fight against the Irish Republican Army.
  5. Brown can get a little hotheaded when he gets on his soapbox.
  6. "There's no doubt I get hotheaded,"
  7. Klebold was described as " hotheaded, but depressive and suicidal ."
  8. Endecott was a zealous and somewhat hotheaded Puritan, with Roger Williams.
  9. Now you've snared a hotheaded admin and can bait her.
  10. Peggy, recalling the hotheaded young man that she knew, declines.
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