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  1. Operation Hotfoot had suffered five killed in action during its duties.
  2. Under incoming American President John F . Kennedy, Hotfoot was rapidly expanded.
  3. A second Hotfoot contingent rotated in for duty.
  4. This center would be an all-Hotfoot operation, with no French involved.
  5. The Operation Hotfoot moniker changed to Operation Monkhood.
  6. But she was late for the liaison and Cain hotfoots it to a willing Ollie.
  7. Not only that, but Hotfoot's fear has been taken away as well.
  8. Gaby and Renee emerge and when the limo is gone they hotfoot it to the wedding.
  9. Reluctantly, Hotfoot accepts the mission.
  10. At the same time, the Hotfoot V teams were also renamed as Operation White Star.
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