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  1. Alas, France does not export greengages to the United States.
  2. There is also wide cultivation of plums, especially mirabelles and greengages.
  3. I've lost much more than greengages ."
  4. Sir William introduced greengages into Great Britain from France.
  5. It is planted with greengage and other fruit trees.
  6. "The greengage is the most bizarre, capricious tree, " Breil said.
  7. "The greengage's flavor is our only defense, " Salord said.
  8. The Oxford English Dictionary regards " gage " and " greengage " as synonyms.
  9. For the last time I gorged on perfect greengages to my heart's content.
  10. It was based on the novel " Greengage Summer " by Rumer Godden.
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