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  1. The land would have been much better used as a greenbelt,
  2. With people building homes and other structures into the greenbelt areas,
  3. Greenbelt protection along the Trinity River in Dallas could be enhanced.
  4. By August 2004, the Greenbelt was in a degraded condition.
  5. The project ran directly through the native plantings on the Greenbelt.
  6. The grocery store remains a cooperative called the Greenbelt Consumers Cooperative.
  7. Just right across Greenbelt Drive is the Renaissance Makati City Hotel.
  8. The Greenbelt, Md ., facility supervises Compton operations.
  9. Now, in their place, there's greenbelt.
  10. They build factories in greenbelt areas and villas in water catchment zones.
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