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  1. Bishop Gabro died in 1980 and was succeeded by Bishop Innocent Lotocky.
  2. Jaroslaw Gabro, a native son of the parish, became the first bishop of the newly created Ukrainian Catholic eparchy.
  3. :Father Blas?s assistants were Friar Gabro Cvitanovi, Friar Ambrose Miaeti, Friar Anselm Sliakovi, Friar Hugolinus Feysz, and Friar Ferdinand Skoko.
  4. "I participated in this mass wedding for the greatness of the day for Assyrians, " said groom Senharib Gabro, 33, a member of the Syrian Orthodox Church.
  5. He saw this as an opportunity to build what he termed a church for " The Glory of God and Future Generations . " The church, designed by architect Zenon Mazurkiewych of Philadelphia, was dedicated and consecrated by Bishop Jaroslav Gabro on May 22, 1977.
  6. minor affluents : Monteadentro, Los Negros, Los Cerezos, Zipach? Tanauca, Ulag? El Gabro, El Ganso, Santa Helena, Cucalina, La Teja, De Piedra, La Palmita, Matagira, La Chorrera, Iscal? Honda, Cascarena, Villa Felisa, Ci�naga, Juana Paula, Don Pedra, Faustinera, Europea, Rodea, Aguasucia.
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