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  1. The tabernacle is a wooden pavilion with a gablet roof.
  2. The gable is surmounted by triple lancet recesses crowned by a gablet.
  3. The hall roof is gablet at each end.
  4. The hipped roof has a gablet and there was a frieze above the verandah roof.
  5. Small triangular windows in the gable and gablet light the attic and echo the roof line.
  6. The hipped roof has a louvred gablet at its apex, a scheme mirrored on the eastern elevation.
  7. The term " Dutch gable " is also used in America and Australasia to refer to a gablet roof.
  8. A gablet roof combines the benefits of both the gable and the hip roof while adding additional architectural interest.
  9. The entrance is emphasized on the roof with a large, half-timbered gablet with central ventilation panel.
  10. It has a gambrel roof with a ventilated ridge and later metal doors and gablet detailing to its eastern end.
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