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  1. Gabon didn't attend the last OPEC meeting in June.
  2. Gabon hasn't publicly said it's left OPEC.
  3. Those who died in Gabon had recently feasted on chimpanzee meat.
  4. At least 44 more died in Gabon in 1996 and 1997.
  5. A spokesman for the Gabon Embassy in Washington declined to comment.
  6. Look at Nigeria, Angola, the two Congos, Gabon.
  7. When told of Saludo's comment, Gabon took offense.
  8. Gabon isn't the first to squawk about the dues.
  9. Cameroon warned aliens not to try crossing its border with Gabon.
  10. To show its displeasure, Gabon recalled its ambassador from Paris.
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