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  1. Long neglected in exhibitions, medieval enamels were once enormously popular.
  2. American Perfumed Alabaster Laundry _ Enamel ( Print, 1870 ).
  3. Place in an enamel or glass container, and cover tightly.
  4. I suggest using oil-based enamel in a spray can.
  5. After that, spraying the enamel will be easy and quick.
  6. Q . I chipped the enamel inside my favorite stewing pot.
  7. Place meat in covered enamel roaster and then into the oven.
  8. A giant spool of enamel-coated wire brought $ 25.
  9. There were bathtubs and wash basins with the enamel chipped away.
  10. The gravestones are enamel-white, the lawns impeccably manicured.
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