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"dewy" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Clinique's M Lotion can give you a dewy complexion.
  2. Their baby had just been born and Thurston was just dewy.
  3. They seem quite deeply felt, if occasionally dewy-eyed.
  4. It includes mild profanity and a dewy, leisurely sexual interlude.
  5. Pat Leahy said that got Ted Kennedy all dewy-eyed,
  6. Barrymore manages a dewy independence; she seems both fresh and formidable.
  7. "We're not sort of dewy-eyed ideologues.
  8. We are not in the slightest bit dewy-eyed about it.
  9. Makes you look dewy and radiant when applied on a regular basis.
  10. He attacks by throwing them like boomerangs and swinging them at Dewy.
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