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  1. It's a sort of Darwinian approach to sibling rivalry.
  2. Because there was no competition, no Darwinian fight for survival,
  3. Burnett acknowledged that the American version will be far more Darwinian.
  4. Presidential politics is a Darwinian struggle, a test of toughness.
  5. And this Darwinian backdrop heightens the peculiarities of the creative life.
  6. Venice is an ideal setting for examining architecture in Darwinian terms.
  7. Freed from the shackles of sexual reproduction, Darwinian competitiveness vanishes.
  8. In this Darwinian sense, dogs are more successful than tigers.
  9. And what about us Darwinian fish-walkers in the parks?
  10. Spammers, it seems, have a Darwinian ability to evolve.
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