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  1. A lightweight saddle with a high horn and cantle is ideal.
  2. The cantle may contain intricate filigree or etchings of Celtic knots.
  3. The government subsequently commissioned the Cantle report which made 67 recommendations.
  4. Pewter or silver cantle is also carved on the sporran.
  5. Sometimes, the pattern thistle decorated cantle and tassel tops.
  6. It also has a flat pommel and cantle so nothing interferes with the rider.
  7. Cantle said responsibility lay with all sectors of Britain to build a more cohesive society.
  8. The first officer was 27-year-old Andrew Cantle from Sunderland, England.
  9. It was probably influenced by cantel, cantle, a small piece, a corner piece.
  10. The saddle horn and cantle projected through holes which were specially cut to size in the mochila.
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