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  1. To me, that showed the blatancy of discrimination.
  2. What is evident is the disruption it's causing and the blatancy of their efforts to provoke.
  3. His influence on the Church of Ireland was considerable, not so much for the originality as the blatancy of his views.
  4. Still, his wry, lopsided grin makes us forgive the corny blatancy of the film's low-level wish fulfillment.
  5. O'Connor said, referring to the oath, " the blatancy of the anti-Catholicism is clear ."
  6. They say the ease and blatancy with which the three netted the rare insects illustrates a possibly larger problem : others doing the same.
  7. The blatancy of the fraud employed to maintain the PCN in power outraged and disillusioned many Salvadorans, including members of the armed forces.
  8. The emperor laughed upon such a blatancy and " acted " na�vety, steered him all through the camp and then sent him back home.
  9. The blatancy of the electoral fraud committed by Heureaux led the supporters of his opponent, Casimiro de Moya, to attempt an armed rebellion in the Cibao Valley.
  10. The discussion from formal mediation may result in edit wars and blatancy when used against another party . talk ) 21 : 34, 24 December 2011 ( UTC)
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