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  1. There are many different developmental potentials throughout the blastula stage embryos.
  2. In most other groups, the blastula undergoes more complicated rearrangement.
  3. By blastula stage, the methylation of the embryonic cells is complete.
  4. In mammals the blastula is referred to as a blastocyst.
  5. A blastula is a sphere of cells surrounding a blastocoele.
  6. Baer also received credit for the discovery of the blastula.
  7. In vitro fertilisation involves implantation of a blastula into a mother s uterus.
  8. Blastula cell implantation could potentially serve to eliminate infertility.
  9. Blastula-stage cells can behave as pluripotent stem cells in many species.
  10. The blastula stage of early embryo development begins with the appearance of the blastocoele.
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