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  1. For all its blathering about the " truth,"
  2. Blathering TV pundits are not a source of reliable political knowledge.
  3. To all their self-righteous blathering I say, too bad.
  4. "What are you blathering about ? " my wife said.
  5. And from Washington comes dithering and blathering and the wasting of irreplaceable time.
  6. What you get are static renderings of the characters blathering on in anachronistic language.
  7. While they're blathering, walk away.
  8. Half the time people were scratching their heads wondering what they were blathering on about.
  9. What are you blathering on, about?
  10. So buck up and quit blathering about elves and fairies and the end of the world.
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