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  1. Its diet changes with the seasons, accustoming itself to what is available locally.
  2. This form of training is good for accustoming muscles to work under CO 2 build-up in the circulation.
  3. The coureur debauched Frenchmen by accustoming them to fully live with Indians, and Indians by trading on their desire for alcohol.
  4. Austrian military instruction during peacetime utilized nine different languages, accustoming Austrian soldiers to taking orders only in the language they natively know.
  5. One of China's toughest challenges in recovering Hong Kong on July 1 next year will be accustoming the colony to the PLA.
  6. Besieged by injuries all season and still accustoming themselves to the concept of life without Rob Blake for two months, the Kings had to be wondering what else could go wrong.
  7. The 24-year-old saw his time in Europe as a way of accustoming himself to competing abroad : " Here I learned how to acclimatise and cope with different eating habits ".
  8. With the issue of stamps for nationwide use, postmasters'provisionals became obsolete having played, however, an appreciable role in accustoming the public to the use of stamps for prepaying postal fees.
  9. "And when the emperor was at Ticinum, Olympius, accustoming himself to visit the sick soldiers, which was the master-piece of his hypocrisy, dispersed among them, likewise, similar insinuations.
  10. Historian Adrian Cioroianu assessed that the dissemination of optimistic rumors contributed to accustoming the public with the idea that the government could carry the vote, and made the ultimate result less questionable in the eyes of observers.
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