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  1. Jeffers experimented with sprung rhythm as an alternative to accentual rhythm.
  2. The details of the accentual approach are set out in Lindsay.
  3. Accentual and metrical clausulae were used by all the Gallic panegyrists.
  4. :It's accentual verse, not accentual syllabic.
  5. :It's accentual verse, not accentual syllabic.
  6. The English translation follows it closely but in accentual rhythm.
  7. See History of Proto-Slavic # Accentual developments for more details.
  8. Petrarch is a key figure in the imitation of Horace in accentual meters.
  9. The accentual whoops and scooping attacks become more self-conscious, more bizarre.
  10. Chakavian ) maintain the original accentual system unchanged.
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