scuds meaning in Hindi

scuds sentence in Hindi
• उड़ता हुआ बादल
• खुरपी
• थप्पड़
• दौड़
• रेलपेल
• वेग से चलना
• काफूर होना
• जल्द गुजरना
• जल्द भाग जाना
• रफूचक्कर होना
• शीघ्र जाना
• दौड़ कर जाना
• तेज़ी से बहना
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  1. In all too many cases, the SCUDs still came down.
  2. He called the charge a " scud missile ."
  3. I heard the boom and I thought it was Scuds again,
  4. We knew about Iraqi mines and were alerted to Scud attacks.
  5. CIA Document : Scud Fuel May Be Involved in Gulf War Illnesses
  6. Some independent researchers say none of the Scuds were successfully intercepted.
  7. The United Nations believes that Iraq still has hidden Scud missiles.
  8. Iraq launched 39 Scud missiles against Israel during the Gulf War.
  9. As it turned out, the Iraqi Scuds carried conventional warheads.
  10. The Scud is directly descended from the German V-2.
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