scudded meaning in Hindi

scudded sentence in Hindi
• उड़ता हुआ बादल
• खुरपी
• थप्पड़
• दौड़
• रेलपेल
• वेग से चलना
• काफूर होना
• जल्द गुजरना
• जल्द भाग जाना
• रफूचक्कर होना
• शीघ्र जाना
• दौड़ कर जाना
• तेज़ी से बहना
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  1. Cloud shadows scudded across immeasurable stands of virgin forests.
  2. The ball scudded across the fairway into deep rough on the right side.
  3. An eyeball scudded past, then a tongue ."
  4. Blue sky had given way to gray clouds that scudded overhead under full sail.
  5. The football gently nosed skyward and scudded above the Kingdome green like a spring cloud.
  6. Clouds scudded across the ceiling, and there was the sound of a rushing stream.
  7. When the wind changed Vandal fire ships were scudded into the fleet causing its ruin.
  8. A few cars rattled along Main Street, barely outracing the fog that scudded down from the nearby mountains.
  9. The last rays of light flashed off Loch Pooltiel, three dark clouds scudded overhead and night fell over Skye.
  10. He scudded across the court like a cloud, carrying in his hands a thunderbolt disguised as a tennis racket.
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