scudding meaning in Hindi

scudding sentence in Hindi
• उड़ता हुआ बादल
• खुरपी
• थप्पड़
• दौड़
• रेलपेल
• वेग से चलना
• काफूर होना
• जल्द गुजरना
• जल्द भाग जाना
• रफूचक्कर होना
• शीघ्र जाना
• दौड़ कर जाना
• तेज़ी से बहना
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  1. The basket is swinging and spinning, foam scudding from it.
  2. Never mind the sharp sea winds and scudding clouds.
  3. Scudding sheets of rain made the enforced stay at home welcome for many residents.
  4. The process would continue with another soaking and scraping with a blunt scudding knife.
  5. Way down the valley, a little black V pulsed across the scudding clouds : geese.
  6. Father William O . O'Neill watched the white clouds scudding low across the sky.
  7. From a helicopter scudding over South Florida, a ribbon of green farms stretches off to the East.
  8. Billowing, pillowing, jutting, scudding across the endless overhead stage these continuously distinctive clouds are magnificent showoffs.
  9. The ceiling is decorated with clouds, which, through sophisticated lighting, appear to be scudding across the sky.
  10. But some economists say there could be a silver lining in the black clouds scudding across the Japanese economic horizon.
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  1. the act of moving along swiftly (as before a gale)

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