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  1. He manages to send the monster packing and saves Sahila.
  2. Hemant decides to follow the Baba along with Sahila on a hunch.
  3. Another theory identifies Sahavahana with Salavahana, a descendant of Sahila Verman.
  4. After 12 years, the Thakur receives a letter from his niece Sahila.
  5. But they get captured and Sahila discovers that her father Sameer Pratap is alive.
  6. On the other side, a man attacks Sahila's car and chases after her.
  7. Then Hemant and Sahila while discussing the killings with Satish, take out the topic of Baba.
  8. Hemant and Sahila get close to each other during the journey and they both reach the Haveli together.
  9. This name of Sahila seems, to occur again in Sahiladitya lakshmam in v . 10 of the Silimpllr inscription ( Ep.
  10. The film featured Charan Raj and Sahila in the lead roles along with Dwarakish, Srinivasa Murthy and Kalyan Kumar in supporting roles.
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