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  1. Yogi declares that Karan and Sahiba are meant for each other.
  2. After many conflicts and troubles, Dighu starts to love Sahiba.
  3. Sahiba threw herself over him and together, they died.
  4. Sahiba's family take a great liking to Karan.
  5. He decides to go back to Sahiba's house and apologize.
  6. Sahiba is so overcome with sorrow and stress that she swallows poison.
  7. Khadija Begum Sahiba and another daughter married to Nawab Riyat Khan Bahadur.
  8. Suddenly one of Sahiba's brothers arrive and fights with Mirza.
  9. Sahiba is in love with her childhood sweetheart, Ranveer.
  10. Sahiba decides to go to London in search of him.
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