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  1. This time, Saheli issued a second yellow card and an ejection.
  2. Saheli refused to reveal the name of the killer.
  3. No one died in Saheli's home.
  4. Hamaar Sautan Hamaar Saheli follows the journey of two women in rural North India.
  5. Referee : Ali Saheli, United States.
  6. While on the hajj, he met the Andalusian poet and architect Es-Saheli.
  7. Saheli failed to advance into the semifinals, as she placed fifty-first overall in the prelims.
  8. Saheli competed for Senegal in the women's 100 m freestyle at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.
  9. He launched himself as a director with " Saheli " in 2007, which he also starred in.
  10. Referee Ali Saheli, who handed out seven cautions, six to D . C . players, awarded the penalty.
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