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  1. "I'm not a rabble rouser,"
  2. Ronald Colman is the poet and rabble-rouser Francois Villon.
  3. "For rabble-rousers there's no party.
  4. GRHS's school song is the " Rapids Rouser ".
  5. I was not in any way a rabble-rouser.
  6. He's not a rabble-rouser ."
  7. I'm not a rabble-rouser ."
  8. The rabble-rousers responsible for the e-mail remain unknown.
  9. The fact is that Harcourt enjoys humoring the occasional rabble-rouser.
  10. Most of those joining are hardly habitual rabble-rousers.
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  1. someone who rouses others from sleep
    synonyms:waker, arouser

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