rip open meaning in Hindi

rip open sentence in Hindi

• खोल डालना
• रिप ओपेन
rip:    कपड़े का फटा हिस्सा
open:    मुंह खुला मैदान
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  1. For those who remain, his release rips open old wounds.
  2. Towering creatures in huge, howling machines rip open your house.
  3. The salt wind rips open the sky, bearing snow squalls.
  4. Philip rips open Madeline's coffin and finds it empty.
  5. The cut rips open, revealing spongy yellow breast tissue.
  6. There is a scene in which eagles rip open a pregnant hare.
  7. But Colorado's referendum could rip open the bag.
  8. The Danes rip open cans of veal and vegetable stew.
  9. Alone, Hugo rips open the vault door, freeing the man.
  10. When arriving, he deliberately makes the wineskins rip open.
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