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  1. It also provides for continuous monitoring throughout implementation and for retrievability for an extended period.
  2. Language recognition depends somewhat on the retrievability of meaning, but the extent of this dependence is unknown.
  3. Any documentation of conservation treatments is also stored in the object's permanent file for ease of accessibility and retrievability.
  4. Roediger explains this effect in terms of enhanced retrievability, claiming that testing provides practice at retrieving memories, making the memory itself stronger.
  5. Another example is the cue-only JOL, where the subject must determine the retrievability of the target when only the cue is presented at the time of judgment.
  6. Conversely, if there are few queries that retrieve the document, or when the document is retrieved the documents are not high enough in the ranked list, then the document has low retrievability.
  7. A document ( or information object ) has high retrievability if there are many queries which retrieve the document via the search engine, and the document is ranked sufficiently high that a user would encounter the document.
  8. One example of paired-associate JOLs is the cue-target JOL, where the subject determines the retrievability of the target when both the cue and target of the to-be-learned pair are presented.
  9. In order to evaluate how easily information can be found by searching a site using a search engine or information retrieval system, retrievability measures were developed, and similarly, navigability measures now measure ease of information access through browsing a site ( e . g.
  10. THE STICKING POINTS : Few remain, but they include the precise number of issues in the council's purview, as well as " retrievability " _ the conditions under which NATO members would end debate with Russia and return an issue to the alliance's North Atlantic Council for separate consideration.

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