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  1. They do not have retrices ( tail feathers ) or a remeges.
  2. The red wattlebird begins moulting after the breeding season, starting with the retrices.
  3. The tail shows completely preserved retrices along each side of the long, bony tail.
  4. The retrices are essentially similar to those of the male, exhibiting marked adumbrations and stunning ocelli.
  5. Wings are black, but the remiges and retrices ( flight feathers ) are fringed with white.
  6. The feather preservation of retrices along the long, bony tail is similar to that of the wings.
  7. Although the tail is mostly black, the outermost three or four retrices ( flight feathers ) are tipped orange, forming a T shape.
  8. Most have moderately long to long tails, while the stubtails and tesias have tiny tails that do not even emerge past their tail retrices.
  9. Flight feathers comprising primary remiges, secondary remiges, and tail retrices are preserved on the London specimen, though no contour feathers are documented.
  10. The retrices ( flight feathers ) are pale blue in the middle, with a black border and contrast sharply with the dark areas of the coat.
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