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  1. The violence was sure to fuel ethnic tensions and lead to further retributory bloodshed.
  2. Despite these retributory actions, the Scottish Crown was only partially successful in turning Clann Somhairle onside as Dubhghall stubbornly refused the recognise Scottish overlordship.
  3. Now I see that Mr . Wolfowitz s behavior was retributory for a perceived harm that he believed was done by me to Al Hirschfeld.
  4. In January 2003, 270 minority stockholders decided to sue Kalisto Entertainment in order to obtain retributory damages, and the managers of Kalisto Entertainment were discharged.
  5. The Yugoslav army started leaving Kosovo Thursday, crossing into Serbia proper as Belgrade's generals began to implement terms of a NATO-backed plan to bring peace to the province and end months of retributory allied airstrikes.
  6. Concluding to affirm his own argument based on the likelihood of a retributory existence due to the de facto state of the world, and evidenced from the " autonomous " majority of peoples { paragraph V }.
  7. The fundamental powers and responsibilities of the CMSN, outlined in Article 3 of the charter, included establishing the general policies of the nation, promulgating ordinances to carry out policy, monitoring actions of the government, ratifying international agreements, and granting amnesty except in cases of retributory justice and religious crimes ( see Law and Crime, ch . 5 ).
  8. Victor recognized the injury from his old criminal dealings, and, as well as punishing his son Philip, warned the gang's head ( who had not realized that his gang was harassing the son of Victor Kiriakis ) both verbally and with violent retributory attacks to renounce Philip's indebtedness, blowing up the home of the mob boss by Niko, one of Victor's former bodyguards, after they made sure the home was empty.
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  1. given or inflicted in requital according to merits or deserts; "retributive justice"
  2. of or relating to or having the nature of retribution; "retributive justice demands an eye for an eye"
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