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restlessnesses sentence in Hindi
• अशांति
• चंचलता
• निरंतरता
• बेचैनी
• व्यग्रता
• असहजता
• आकुलता
• आतुरता
• तड़प
• बेकली
• अधीरता
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  1. Behavioral changes like increasing agitation, restlessness and paranoia can occur.
  2. But the change was also rooted in Rollins'creative restlessness.
  3. Actually, his reputation is for restlessness, waywardness and tenacity.
  4. The reason for all this restlessness is no mystery to Robertson.
  5. The 170 pieces on display reflect a startling restlessness and versatility.
  6. I have been in this state of restlessness for a week,
  7. Southern Baptist officials project calm amid the restlessness in their ranks.
  8. This restlessness was later attributed to his alleged " lunacy ".
  9. Note any restlessness, flushing, or diaphoresis during the examination.
  10. A non-descript feeling of boredom, restlessness and confinement.
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