relegation meaning in Hindi

relegation sentence in Hindi
• निकाला
• निर्वासन
• बहिष्कार
• बहिष्
• देश-निकाला

• निरोधन
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  1. The first sporting principle to fall would be promotion-relegation.
  2. Racing stays in the relegation-threatened zone with 19 points.
  3. On Saturday those four face teams who are threatened by relegation.
  4. Manchester City also helped distance itself from relegation with a victory.
  5. Three relegation spots are set, with the fourth nearly so.
  6. The result consigns Carlisle United to relegation to the third division.
  7. Sunderland has 32 points in 15th place and is fighting relegation.
  8. Relegation-threatened Verona fell to 6-8-16.
  9. Bolton, Crystal Palace and Barnsley stayed in the bottom three relegation
  10. Piacenza played Empoli in a relegation-zone match at night.
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  1. mild banishment; consignment to an inferior position; "he has been relegated to a post in Siberia"
  2. the act of assigning (someone or something) to a particular class or category
  3. authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions
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