relegates meaning in Hindi

relegates sentence in Hindi
• निष्कासन
• पदावनति
• बदलना
• दूर करना
• हस्तान्तरित करना
• निर्वासित करना
• फेंक देना
• अपने देश से निकालना
• देश बाहर करना
• रवाना करना
• बाहर निकाल देना
• अवनति करना
• अपकर्ष
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  1. Pork chops needn't be relegated to the family dinner.
  2. She's been relegated to an offscreen telephone call .)
  3. Increasingly, economic topics were relegated to whatever time was left.
  4. Why has she been relegated to the fascination of little girls?
  5. Instead they have been relegated to the humdrum days of autumn.
  6. Riders relegated to the aisle have to fight to stay upright.
  7. Dogs aren't just relegated to the car, however.
  8. It has relegated private higher education institutions to a diminished status.
  9. Has it been relegated to old stuff for youngsters to study?
  10. Instead, Miles was relegated to seeing Foreign Minister Milan Milutinovic.
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