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• अपराधी
• मुजरिम
• आवर्ती अपराधी
• फिर से अपराध में फँसने वाला
• अपराध-व्यसनी
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  1. The majority's reliance on recidivist statutes is thus unavailing.
  2. The major function of this is to shut down recidivist crime.
  3. This is a recidivist vandal who is doing this across wikis.
  4. There is also provision for an indefinite sentence of recidivist offenders.
  5. Rollins is a recidivist when it comes to coarsening politics.
  6. Feel free to re-block in case of any recidivist behaviour.
  7. Under the policy, recidivists are to be destroyed.
  8. In fact, the Bronx Order of Oenological Recidivists is stronger than ever.
  9. I've often wondered how Parcells could defend such a recidivist slug.
  10. Secondly, Clinton is at this point a recidivist.
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  1. someone who lapses into previous undesirable patterns of behavior
  2. someone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior)

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