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[ ri'sidivizəm ] sound:
recidivism sentence in Hindi
• अपराध-व्यसन
• पाप-व्यसन
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  1. Advocates contend that the proposed prison would deter crime and recidivism.
  2. One good way to reduce recidivism is to maintain family contact.
  3. The country's recidivism rate for juveniles is 40 percent.
  4. He knows that these guys have stunningly high rates of recidivism.
  5. Studies have shown repeatedly that trying juveniles as adults increases recidivism,
  6. Similar programs in other states have reduced recidivism for drunken drivers.
  7. His risk of recidivism was judged to be high to moderate.
  8. The council found the recidivism rate was 40.8 percent.
  9. In addition, longer sentences were not associated with reduced recidivism.
  10. Longer sentences were associated with a 3 % increase in recidivism.
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  1. habitual relapse into crime

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