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hook:    आंकड़ा काँटा कांटा
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  1. The American history of hay cutting tools begins with the reaping hook.
  2. In 1846 a mill was based in the village that sharpened reaping hooks.
  3. The blade of the sickle was serrated and less circular than the reaping hook.
  4. She refused to reveal his position, even as a British soldier held a reaping hook at her throat.
  5. Traditionally reaping was done with the scythe and reaping hook, but in Britain these have been entirely superseded by machinery.
  6. The artist, with reaping hook, gleaning basket, and cider press, denudes nature, we may say, but creates food.
  7. Shortly thereafter, one of Huck's soldiers put a reaping hook to the neck of Col . Bratton's wife, Martha, in an unsuccessful attempt to discover Bratton's whereabouts.
  8. In April 1930 they had enough money to purchase sand and Dr Sweeney, the President, used reaping hook and lawn mower on the course and R E Allen & R A Ditton leveled the greens and spread sand.
  9. This population boom were due to land shortage : the population density of Central Russia matched Western Europe, with the average peasant allotment similar in size to those in Germany and France ( at about 2, 6 " desyatina ", roughly 1, 1 hectare in 1900 ), but with only half the grain yield; this sharp difference from the rest of Europe was caused by the heavily outdated methods used by the Russian peasants in Central Russia : instead of the heavy iron plough low pulled by four to six horses in Western Europe, central Russian farmers often used a light wooden plough pulled by one horse or two oxen; they also used a small hand-sickle compared to the scythe or reaping hook which had been in use in Western Europe for over 50 years; sowing, winnowing and threshing was still done by hand compared to mechanised production in the rest of Europe; the use of chemical fertilisers were greatly below European standards; and advanced field rotations ( alternative between cereals and root crops ) were still largely unknown, while having been introduced in Western Europe in the mid-eighteenth century during the agricultural revolution.
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  1. an edge tool for cutting grass or crops; has a curved blade and a short handle
    synonyms:sickle, reap hook

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